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HomepageWorker rights law firm for employment law sexual harassment, wage and hour cases, wrongful termination, discrimination for FMLA, Pregnancy in Oxnard, Ventura.
ContactGet an employment lawyer for unpaid wages, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, FMLA, pregnancy discrimination we win cases
Controlled Standby Pay Ca LawWage laws surrounding controlled standby aka on-call pay include reporting time pay, overtime, double time, split shift pay, minimum wage, and many penalties.
DisclaimerEmployment Lawyers Group Labor Attorneys In Ventura County
Employee LawyerFor over twenty years our Ventura County employee rights lawyers have represented employees from Moorpark, Ojai, Oxnard, Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, and Ventura
EmployeelawlawyerEstablished employee lawyers for unjust job terminations, unpaid wages, sexual harassment, and employment discrimination
EmployeelawyerOxnard lawyers for employee sexual harassment, wages not paid, wrongful termination, work injuries on a contingency high win rate and high large settlements.
Employment Law BlogRead about employee rights to recover unpaid wages, what to do if sexually harassed, wrongfully terminated, articles by top job lawyer
Executive Compensation AgreementsExecutives should utilize the services of an employment lawyer when they are initially hired and offered an executive compensation agreement.
GetajoblawyerExperienced labor lawyers for employees in Ventura County who want to sue for wrongful termination, unpaid wages, sexual harassment, or work injuries
Government Contractor Whistleblower LawyerJob lawyer for employees of private contractors at Point Mugu or Naval Base in Port Hueneme may sue for wrongful termination, unpaid wages
Intership Lawyer Must Interns Be PaidLabor lawyers advise whether an intern should be paid depends on the following factors: 1) how closely the intern is supervised by the employees
Maternity Leave LawyersIn some California companies, discrimination against pregnant employees begins as soon as the employee notifies her employer she is pregnant.
OvertimelawyerWinning overtime law firm to get you paid for overtime including for bonus pay, double time, penalties anywhere in California without up front fees or costs.
OvertimepaylawyerCalifornia overtime is owed for nonexempt employees who work more than 8 hours in a day or more than 40 hours in a week. Consult an experienced overtime lawyer.
Oxnard Point Mugu Goverment Contract Workers May Be Entitle To Prevailing WagesGovernment institutions include city, county, and state worksites where construction workers are entitled to prevailing wages. Sue for prevailing wage now.
Oxnard Workers Compensation Appeals Board LawyerIf you care about your health, hire a competent workers compensation lawyer. Work injuries are serious, disabiling, and entitle you to substantial compensation
SantapaulalawLawyer for Santa Paula employees in wrongful termination, sexual harassment, job discrimination, and unpaid wages
SitemapEmployment Lawyers Group - Labor Attorneys In Ventura County, California
Unpaidwages PatriotenvironmentalConfined space workers can sue for meal and rest breaks meal breaks must be taken before the 5th hour and rest breaks before and after meal breaks.
VenturaCalifornia overtime is owed for nonexempt employees working more than 8 hours in a day, 40 hours a week. We are experienced overtime lawyers for overtime cases.
Wage LawyerOvertime wage laws involve: 1) How many hours did the employee work in a day? 2) What is the employer’s expectation of the type of job the employee does?
Why Employees Should Hire A Private Lawyer And Not Go Through The Labor CommissionOur employment lawyers usually obtain much higher settlements than you could obtain through an administrative agency. The difference can be $100,000 or more.

Attorney Profiles

Ann GuleserAnn Guleser is an experienced employee lawyer helping women and men who were sexually harassed, whistle blowers, wage theft victims
Karl GerberKarl Gerber work lawyer has been helping employees fight for their rights since 1993. Get an experienced work lawyer working for you.

Local Lawyers

Locationsoffice locations for one of the oldest law firms exclusively representing employees in California for wrongful termination, sexual harassment, wage and hour
Simi Valley Employment LawyerTop Simi Valley employment lawyers have achieved large recoveries for sexual harassment, wrongful termination, unpaid wage lawsuits no up front fees or costs.

Practice Areas

Age DiscriminationWorkplace age discrimination cases often involve the following common patterns of evidence: 1) An older worker is replaced with a younger work
Disability DiscriminationCommon disability issues include job terminations or a failure to reinstate after medical leave, and failures to accommodate.
Employment ArbitrationOne criticism I do have of the employment arbitration process is that an arbitrator cannot order the parties to engage in mediation.
Employment ContractsThese days, implied and oral contracts are generally not valid legal theories against employers. Due to Language an employee manuals, or personnel documents.
Employment FraudEmployment fraud includes: 1) False recruiting for a job that doesn't exist 2) Promising a salary not honored; 3) Employees leaving a job to accept the job
Employment TipsIF YOU MIGHT HAVE A CASE AGAINST YOUR EMPLOYER: 1) Do not tape record your employer 2) Do not threaten your employer 3) Do not make it public on social media.
Gay HarassmentTop employee lawyers for LGBT harassment or discrimination in the workplace because you are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or trans may entitle you to compensation.
Leaves Of AbsenceExamples of employee leaves in California are Sick leaves, Pregnancy leaves, Maternity leaves, and Paternity leaves.
Sexual HarassmentSexual harassment is often motivated by the harasser's interest in gaining sex or a date from the harasser, but sex does not have to be the motivation.
Unpaid WagesOvertime, meal and rest break, unpaid bonus, and unpaid commission. Involve labor laws that provide for multiple penalties.
Whistle BlowerIf you have lost a job, or have been wrongfully dismissed due to accusations of whistleblowing, contact an Oxnard Whistle Blower Lawyer.
Work InjurySerious workers compensation lawyers for serious worker accidents, pbysical injuries, and work stress. Our fee is a low court approved percent of the recovery.
Workplace DiscriminationTop local employment discrimination lawyers for disability discrimination, failure to accommodate, pregnancy discrimination, race harassment, FMLA violations
Wrongful TerminationIf you lost a job, or have been wrongfully dismissed contact an Oxnard Whistle Blower Lawyer for your termination from work. Serving all of Ventura County.