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In employment law, particular labor issues surround the employees of government contractors on the Point Mugu and Oxnard military bases. Firm Founder, Karl Gerber, has represented many whistle blowers who are employed by government contractors. It is not uncommon for a government contractor to want their employee to falsify a record or document that goes to the government. Falsification of communications to the government, especially to obtain money, are Federal False Claims and False Statements. Employees terminated because they oppose or complain about their employer's false claim on the government are whistle blowers protected by state and federal law.

Examples of Federal False claims, Gerber has handled for employees who were wrongfully terminated due to whistleblowing at their government contracting employer include: falsification of aerospace certifications attesting to quality inspections not passed, overbilling on military contractors for helicopters and drones, falsifying test results for military helicopters, falsely billing to government contracts when the work was done on a non-billable civilian contract, asking an employee to keep secret an inability for aircraft fasteners to pass quality inspection tests and reporting the fasteners were tested when they were not.

Besides whistleblowing cases, employees of government contractors on military bases also have traditional employment law cases. Our Oxnard office is presently handling a case for disability discrimination of a government contractor on the Point Mugu base. We have also handled cases of sexual harassment, age discrimination, and a variety of employment discrimination cases against government contractors. Government contractors are private employers subject to all employment discrimination and harassment laws.

Prevailing wage, however, is often a unique issue for government contractors. Construction employees of government contractors must pay their construction employees prevailing wage. To read about prevailing wage laws for Ventura County employees on public works contracts, CLICK HERE.

Our Oxnard office is located a few blocks North of Channel Islands Boulevard, right off Victoria. We are within walking distance from the naval base on Victoria and Channel Islands Boulevard. Our Oxnard office is on the water in Mandalay Bay. We are conveniently located to Port Hueneme and Point Mugu. One of the purposes of our Oxnard office is to serve private employees who are employed through government contractors on the Oxnard area bases.

Firm founder, Karl Gerber, is familiar with military contracts, government contract issues in general, Federal False Claims, prevailing wage law, naval issues, and the aerospace industry. If you have a labor issue involving your private employment through a government contractor, please contact our Oxnard office. We have the resources, dedication, and experience to stand up to a sophisticated government contractor and represent you on a contingency basis. While we cannot guarantee we will be taken seriously and be respected by the lawyers representing the government contractor, we suspect we will be given our track record in representing employees in California and the professionalism we will demonstrate while representing you in your employment case.

Whether your labor issue is wrongful termination, harassment, discrimination, unpaid wages such as prevailing wage, or workers compensation we would like to speak to you. We represent all levels of employees from hourly employees earning around minimum wage to executives earnings many hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.