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Happy Memorial Day from Mandalay Beach, Oxnard not far from the base. How does this relate to wrongful termination? If you were fired from your job due to your military service that violates statutes and is wrongful termination.

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Happy Easter from PCYC in the Oxnard Marina! It was a swell brunch. After this calm Easter Sunday it's back to work tomorrow. All sorts of wage and hour issues, sexual harassment, wrongful termination; you name it.

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Popular live crab and lobster establishment on the corner of Victoria and Channel Islands Boulevard in Oxnard, California. While a lot of restaurants have come and gone this one has remained notwithstanding its lack of ambiance. It's casual seafood that looks fresh.

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Early morning South facing view down the channel at Employment Lawyers Group Oxnard entirely devoted to business even on a Sunday morning. Recent results include $193,500 for sexual harassment, and another lawsuit involving whistle blowing in the trucking industry. We have also been appearing frequently in a complex action which may set new laws about PAGA (Private Attorney General Act) issues and arbitration clauses found in union contracts.

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It is a must that employee lawsuits be handled by a law firm that focuses on employment law. Even a law firm that does some employment cases along with other types of cases will not cut it. Get off the merry-go-round and hire my firm. Since 1993 all I have done are employment cases in court and binding arbitration. Employment lawsuits are big fights. That is why I employ associate attorneys to assist me as well as paralegals experienced in employment lawsuits. Trying to navigate employment lawsuits involves quite a few laws. Only a highly skilled, experienced labor attorney will succeed in the motion process. Inexperienced lawyers and thinly staffed law firms cannot handle the law and motion that comes before trial and during trial. Unless you want to get dizzy and fall off the carousel, you need a real labor lawyer with a track record. Contact my firm at 805-200-0100. We have a beautiful office in the Oxnard Marina I built myself!

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