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Allow us to handle your age discrimination case. For over 20 years Karl Gerber has represented employees whom experienced workplace discrimination. As the Ventura County population continues to age, along with the rest of the country, workplace age discrimination becomes more of an issue. Employees who are over 40 may not be fired, harassed, or discriminated against on the basis of their age. Whether you were fired due to your age over 40, harassed, or discriminated against we can represent you in your employment discrimination lawsuit.

We handle all employee lawsuits on a contingency basis which means we do not charge up front legal fees, we are only paid when and if we win, and we advance the necessary court costs for your workplace discrimination case.

Our California age discrimination lawyers can be contacted at 805-200-0100


Workplace age discrimination cases often involve the following common patterns of evidence:

  • An older worker is replaced with a younger workage discrimination lawyer
  • A layoff disproportionately affects workers over 40
  • Older workers are accused of not being up to date
  • Jokes are made about an older worker’s technology skills
  • Older workers are not sent to trainings, or given opportunities to grow in the company
  • Jokes are made about age and appearance
  • Unnecessary nicknames such as grandma or old timer are given to older workers
  • The company does not see a future for the older worker
  • The older work is asked when they are will retire, or retirement is suggested
  • Older workers are eliminated and replaced with cheaper younger workers
  • Older workers are demoted to inferior jobs in hopes they will quit
  • Older workers are put out of sight and out of mind
  • The work hours of older workers may be reduced, or their pay may be reduced

Allow us to file your age discrimination lawsuit. We will conduct discovery into why you were fired, and make efforts to prove your employment termination was age related.


Victims of age discrimination can win past lost wages, future lost wages, past emotional distress, future emotional distress, and punitive damages.

The need to hire an experienced discrimination attorney for an age discrimination lawsuit is grave because employment terminations due to age often involve workers who are not able to easily find comparable employment. Finding work when somebody is over 40, 50, or 60 is difficult. Many of the clients we represented in age discrimination lawsuits had long careers with the employer we sued. Naturally their salaries increased over time. As workers get older health and life insurance benefits through work become more expensive. We sue for lost insurance benefits when we handle age discrimination lawsuits. Long-term employment may also mean less transferable skills because an employee has not worked elsewhere in years.

Our age discrimination attorneys are dedicated employee labor lawyers. We do not represent employers, and we do not handle cases other than workplace litigation. All of our age discrimination lawyers have experience in binding arbitrations and jury trials. We also have a cadre of published appellate opinions in the area of employment and discrimination law. We are equipped to handle your job discrimination case at all levels from its inception through trial and appeal.

Our law firm has long roots in Southern California. We have been at our main office since 1999. Karl Gerber has had his own employee law firm since 1993. In 2013 we acquired a waterfront business location in Oxnard in order to serve Ventura County West, on a permanent basis. Our established law firm is capable of fighting your case on a contingency basis for years and advancing the necessary out of pocket costs for your age discrimination litigation.

Although age discrimination lawsuits can take time, many of them settle in approximately a year. The average duration of an age discrimination lawsuit is six to eighteen months. If you are over 70 we can ask the court for calendar preference. However, it takes a certain amount of time to figure out how to prove each individual age discrimination case.

Please allow us to serve you if you believe age was a motivating factor in your adverse employment decisions. For a confidential consultation with our Ventura County law firm call 805-200-0100 or click here to send us an e-mail.

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